Why I hate travel luggage on wheels and why its bad for your health

I have been travelling by air a lot recently and everyone has travel luggage on wheels and its annoying me. For lots of reasons.

If you are one of those people, here’s why:

As you walk along in a busy airport or queue, you drag this obstacle behind you with no concessi0on for those of us walking behind you so it rolls over my toes, it bangs my legs, plus you and it occupy a space at least 2 humans could fit in.

Next. They are ridiculously huge and fill up the cabin lockers on the plane so those of us with ‘hand luggage’ cannot always find a space for our bags. Your stupid wheely case is rigid and won’t squash down. Finally, there are so many of you wheely maniacs out there that our take off is delayed because you can’t all get your luggage into the overhead lockers and 10 of you have to return your bags to the ground crew to be stored in the hold – As I write this I am on a plane from Dusseldorf and out flight was delayed 30 minuets for this specific reason.

So that’s how you inconvenience me which I grant you is very selfish of me and truthfully, none of the above really bothers me. What I do think you don’t realise is how it’s damaging your health.

How can wheely bag damage my health I hear you cry!

Well, in an increasingly sedentary lifestyle you are giving away the opportunity to exercise your grip strength, shoulder and arm strength, back stability, core and leg muscles. In fact your whole musculoskeletal system benefits from being put under load and you are making a choice to minimise the opportunity to load your body. It’s the most basic principle of exercise, we work out, it provides a manageable stress to our muscles, which adapt and we get stronger.

The Farmers Carry is a well known exercise in the Crossfit world and it involves picking up a significant weight and carryng it a chosen distance. A bit like carrying luggage! I imagine there are commuters who wheel their luggage through the airport not wanting to strain themselves with a heavy weight who then promptly check into their hotel and go to the gym to pick up heavy weights to randomly move through the air in the name of working out. Is that no a bit weird when you think about it?

You get a workout carrying your luggage and its real world – the health and fitness people is talking a great deal about functional movement these days, you can’t get more functional then carrying your luggage.

The app on my phone says I walked 3 miles today and all of it carrying 15kgs of luggage – a bonus workout.

Why on earth would you deny yourself the strengthening effect of carrying your luggage and then complain that your work is so busy ou don’t have time to stay fit, to work out. You have a brilliant opportunity to work out right there so take it.

Last week I was early for my flight by 3 hours so I walked. I put in my head phones and I walk 4 miles round the airport carrying my hand luggage and