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Piers Carter - Speaking & ResearchI am the creator, researcher and speaker on the Teams Under Pressure Project. I am proud of this work and I am always excited to talk to audiences interested in learning how we can thrive under pressure.

5 years ago, I had a diverse employment portfolio – I was delivering leadership training programmes and providing executive coaching in the corporate sector, I was training medics in expedition and leadership skills; helping them to provide medical cover overseas in demanding conditions and I was mentoring young entrepreneurs from the Princes Trust.

I couldn’t help wondering if there was something to learn from all these different environments. What could they teach each other?

I was working with business leaders, military teams, aid agency operatives, rescue service team members, inspiring young people and community leaders, all of whom have amazing stories to tell about overcoming adversity. I wanted to know more.

So, now I am on my quest to talk to people and hear their tales of real life adventure – My keynote presentation, Teams Under Pressure, contains many of those stories. Essentially I am searching for the answer to the question “What do we do when things go wrong?”

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