How well do you know yourself?

Most of us think we are aware of our abilities, our strengths and weaknesses and how we are experienced by others but studies show (Check out the book Insight by Tasha Eurick) the truth is most of us are not. In fact around 10% of us can be described a self-aware.

Who do you want to be?

How do you want to show up?

What do you want … from work … from life … from your relationships?

Developing your self awareness can be the key to unlocking your potential in all aspects of your life. If you choose to work with me then we will do more than just talk; we will look deeply within, feel our way, reflect and act, we will make things happen, we will make you happen. I want to explore with you, I want to challenge you; you will have me fully invested.

I want you to be happy in your own skin because happy people don’t hurt people. I don’t mean all pink and fluffy happy, I mean satisfied, with a sense of who you are and what you are here to do and be.

A sense of purposeful focus towards making the world a better place.
If you want to be more; assertive, happy, able to say no, fulfilled, powerful, confident, playful, sensitive, connected, focused, compassionate; whatever you are searching for, I can work with you to co-create the best version of you … our work together will give you a genuine, felt experience of that upon which you can draw in the future when you most need and want it.

My coaching & mentoring works with all of you, not just your brain. I will ask what your physical body is telling you about the issues and enable you to see and feel the difference you want to bring about. I don’t see the boundaries or differences between mind, body and emotions rather I see us as an integrated system. All of us plays a part and all need a voice. When you ignore any part of yourself it will find a way to shout louder and let you know it wants attention. Chronic pain, poor sleep, over indulgence in food or drink, buying or other unhealthy habits are all indicators of part of you shouting for attention.

I am curious about what makes you tick and how you tick, I am interested in feeling our way through your challenges and frustrations to enable you to be the best version of you possible. I want to connect with you deeply and explore what is important to you not what others think you should do or be.