What I really care about

I want to help you put the best version of yourself out there. It begins with developing self-awareness and then with this comes choice; choice about how and who you are in each moment, in all interactions. What choices are you making that are impacting your effectiveness?

My Why

We do not exist in a vacuum; we live in community, in connection with others. If we knew how to talk to each other, how to support, encourage, challenge and develop each other, the world would be a better place. If we could be happier in our own skin and less judgmental and aggressive in our dealings with others at home and at work, we might have less conflict and more space for creativity, satisfaction and personal achievement – whatever our chosen field.

I want to help people in organisations do this.

My How

My essential philosophy is;

Awareness + Range = Choice

We will build out your awareness both internally, in terms of how you deal with emotions, what your triggers and patterns are and how you manage your state of mind day-to-day and externally in terms of how you are experienced by others. It’s no good having good internal awareness and no concept of how you are in the world. Then we develop your range … your range of behaviours and how you act, your range of ways to connect with people in groups and individually, your range in terms of situations you can work in and deal with. And ultimately, this leads to more choice; more choice about who you are and how you are in any moment.

Typically, we will agree to a series of meetings each 1 hour or 90 minutes long.

I will encourage you to complete a psychometric tool if you haven’t done so already, we will invite feedback from your colleagues and or friends/family and we will begin the work of deciding what you want from life, work and everything and how to get there.

Like us all I am a series of contradictions:

Energetic & reflective – Creative & structured – playful & serious

I like to walk towards the stuff that’s difficult to talk about and hold it lightly with a sense of fun. Ultimately, my role is to work along-side you, moving you closer to a goal or solution or deepening your understanding and insight into your issues, problems and challenges.

My What

I am a Self-awareness Coach.

Typically I help people have better conversations in 3 domains of their lives:

With themselves – building self-awareness, finding purpose and developing resilience

As teams – resolving differences and reducing conflict. Helping people in teams deliver on results and gain satisfaction from delivering excellent outcomes

As leaders – communication inspirational messages, embodying true, authentic leadership and guiding teams in organisations to better futures

I help people have better conversations with themselves, as teams, and as leaders

Some of the people I coach have said the following …

“Just a short note as promised to thank you again for your support over the course of our coaching”

“It was a truly life changing experience and has really helped me put into context everything in my head (what there is!).”

“You have joined what is a small list of inspirational people for me that have helped shape my career/life journey and for that I thank you.”

“Your supportive challenge and guidance was first class. Finally as someone who is currently struggling with who I am (and is the business happy with this) your portrayed confidence and ‘at-one-ness’ (if that’s a word!!!) is again inspirational.”

“Thanks ‘everso’ and I know our paths will cross again.”