Executive coaching

Coaching came to my attention 9 years ago when I had a significant conversation with an inspirational coach. The result of which changed my career trajectory – I became a coach myself and set up a successful coaching based practice.

I am neither a ‘sergeant major’ nor a ‘cheer leader’, rather I act as a collaborative partner who works with you to help you identify and achieve goals, solve problems and to learn and develop. I like to think of myself as always in search of the truth with humour and rigorous investigation of all that is relevant.

My success as a coach has largely been with business people. What I have found is that these conversations often focus on the space where life and work overlap – what begins as a work related challenge often merges with the behavioural or emotional impact it has on our wider lives.

Principally, I help people have better conversations: with themselves in the own self-talk, within their teams and as leaders communicating their drive and passion.

Like no other intervention, coaching moves people forward. This is because I believe we have within us all the resources we need to develop and coaching elicits these resources. There is an honesty and authenticity to the coaching relationship and coachees report experiencing lasting positive change.

I have coached people from middle to snr levels in the corporate and public sectors. The list would include business owners and directors of SMEs, head teachers, managers and leaders from global FMCGs, department heads and members of Boards and Senior Management teams.

Some of the people I coach have said the following …

“Just a short note as promised to thank you again for your support over
the course of our coaching”

“It was a truly life changing experience and has really helped me put into
context everything in my head (what there is!).”

“You have joined what is a small list of inspirational people for me that
have helped shape my career/life journey and for that I thank you.”

“Your supportive challenge and guidance was first class. Finally as
someone who is currently struggling with who I am (and is the business
happy with this) your portrayed confidence and ‘at-one-ness’ (if that’s a
word!!!) is again inspirational.”

“Thanks ‘everso’ and I know our paths will cross again.”

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